Many companies typically offer some sort of sale during the holidays. Instead, Cards Against Humanity decided to do something different.

In lieu of this, I was tasked with concepting branding, print materials, illustrations, UX, and coordinating front-end development for a 250,000 subscription campaign centered around a fundamental misunderstanding of Kwanzaa.

Named 10 Days (Or Whatever) of Kwanzaa, the campaign ultimately lasted close to an entire month, mailed people a different gift for over 10 days, and spawned numerous videos, a secret Reddit puzzle, zines, the purchase of an island, and a few facts about your senator.

See all of this and more at the full site.






The campaign originally kicked off with a splash site intended to both showcase CAH's own promotional video
and direct fans in purchasing one of 250,000 subscriptions. It ultimately proved successful, selling most subscriptions and turning over a 75% conversion rate.


When sales of the 10 Days of Kwanzaa subscription closed, the splash page was replaced with a main site that I designed and illustrated. This site — updated weekly with each new mailing — showcased a myriad of commissioned videos, downloadable content, and puzzle clues.


Likewise, below is a showcase of various physical items that were mailed to each participant.

I designed or created assets for many items, including a customer service zine, special edition card packs, an island deed, comics, miracle berries, and a game.

Update — the island crest I created for Hawaii 2 has now been tattooed on a fan.


As one of the final aspects of 10 Days of Kwanzaa, Cards Against Humanity made a generous donation to the Sunlight Foundation.

I designed and illustrated a custom minisite featuring humorous facts and illustrations relating to political corruption.

You can find it here.