An initiative of Cards Against Humanity, the Design Pack is a means to promote and support international design while introducing both young and established designers to larger audience. I helped co-organize (with Tanner Woodford), art direct, and design packaging.

Based on notable curses from George Carlin's skit 7 Dirty Words, we worked to commission 30 designers for their typographic interpretations of a chosen word.
The proceeds of the pack were then donated to support the Chicago Design Museum, which works tirelessly to preserve and advance design history throughout the Midwest. Over $380,000 has been donated so far.

Afterwards, Its Nice That wrote a nice thing about us.

You can help by purchasing the pack here.



The designers featured in the pack include: Susan Kare, Paula Scher, Erik Speikermann, Debbie Millman, Milton Glaser,
Art Paul, Jessica Hische, Cody Hudson, Olly Moss, Eric Hu, Sonnenzimmer, Yann Legendre, Paul Octavious, Mike McQuade,
Simon Whybray, Shawna X, Laura Park, Chad Kouri, Scott Thomas, Matthew Hoffman, Jay Ryan, Thirst (Magda Wistuba & Anna Mort), 
Mike Mitchell, Matthew Terdich, Jez Burrows, Nick Adam, Max Temkin, and Tanner Woodford.