Blackbox is a new company from Cards Against Humanity. Utilizing the processes CAH has perfected internally, Blackbox seeks to provide shipping, fulfillment, and other back-end services to independent creators. 

I was responsible for a full branding process, including identity, voice/tone,
and UI/UX/visual direction for the consumer-facing interface.

Sign up or preview Blackbox here.



MARKETING website: Amy-nicole SCHWARTZ & Lauren Gallagher


Early logo iterations for the brand.


Additionally, Blackbox required a consumer-friendly interface to match the brand.

With stipulations that the product manifest itself as an embeddable web widget, I choose to balance a minimally branded UI with a streamlined e-commerce checkout flow perfected through CAH's other ventures. The widget itself is easily embeddable in the creator's product site, thus creating a simple buying flow — via Blackbox — that never redirects the customer beyond the original page.

Test it out via OK Cookie, a product created for Blackbox's launch.